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How Can You Improve Eyesight? Learn to Improve Eyesight the Natural Way

how can you improve eyesight naturallyLearning how to improve eyesight naturally at home is a daunting task. You may be aware that your distance vision is starting to go blurry, but when you go to an optometrist or other eye care professional all they want to do is give you glasses to make the distance clear again!

People hate glasses, especially if they are asked to wear them full-time. If your distance vision is slowly going blurry over time, it stands to reason that we should be able to hold will reverse the process if we diagnose the cause.

How Can You Improve your Eyesight at Home By Changing your Lifestyle

Losing your distance vision is most often the start of what is called myopia or nearsightedness. In this condition, we sacrifice our viewing of distant objects in favor of prolonged concentration on near objects. So one natural way to improve our eyesight at home or at work is to change our lifestyle and reduce the amount of prolonged close work we engage in during the day.

This is especially important to young people, because for many young people after they finish several hours of intense study or research, they decide to play computer games, or text their friends and so while the brain might be taking a break, their eyes are continuing to sustain a stressful amount of focus on the tasks they are doing.

A change in lifestyle could improve your eyesight in a natural way… And taking breaks from intense close work is the key. Remember, you relax while playing a game but your eyes often work even harder, so taking a break is important.


Here’s How You Can Improve Eyesight the Natural Way…

1. Take Breaks

I recommend a five-minute break for every 25 minutes of computer or study work. During this break you need to stand up, walk around and preferably get outside.

2. Take a Visual Break

Another break you can take is a visual break, where every minute or so you look up from your computer and get a distant object clear for one second, before returning to your near vision task.

3. Time for an Eye Massage!

Massaging the muscles in and around your eyes can also help, as Kim stretching them on looking up, down, in and out. This relieves built-up tension.

So learn to take breaks from your study your computer games if you want to learn how to improve your eyesight naturally at home.


Here’s How You Can Improve Eyesight with a Simple Exercise…


1. Relax yourself and your eyes with this basic physical exercise. Sit comfortably and shut your eyes and cover them with your both hands. Imagine you are seeing utter darkness or black. Unwind for 30 seconds and then open your eyes. Repeat.

2. Close your eyes and gently wipe them with submit circular motion. You must take treatment not to apply tension while doing this.

3. Now open your eyes roll them clockwise for a couple of secs then in anti-clockwise direction. Now move them up and then down, go left and afterwards right. Repeat.

4. With a pencil/pen, mark two dots on a a white paper side to side with a distance say 5 cm in between them. Now relocate the paper to your eye till both dots combine together. Repeat.

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